Thursday, July 31, 2008

A very odd day

There are no pictures from yesterday's walk. Mom and I went back to the Chickatawbut Overlook section of the Blue Hills. We walked down one side path, where we found a couple of men in differing states of dress. I wasn't sure what was going on, but Mom turned around and went back to the trail head. She took the next little side trail. We got about five minutes down the trail when she started hearing noises that made her uncomfortable. So we turned around and went back to the trail head, although I fought that because I really wanted to know what could be making those noises off in the woods! We went back and took a third trail. You guessed it - more men, also in differing states of dress. Lather, rinse, repeat. After the fourth time we had to turn back, Mom decided to just put the camera in her backpack. She said some things just don't need to be captured for posterity, and we run a G rated site here! I didn't understand. We still got a decent walk in, though, and we met a couple of families with young kids while we were at it. I love kids, and they love me.

In case you need a photo fix, here are some pictures Mom took last night.
This is Big Sister Minette with devil eyes. She gave me a kiss last night. She's much nicer than the Boy Cat.
This is me.
Is it time for baseball yet?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cow Tent Hill eventually

Yesterday Mom tried to take me someplace new: the Scituate Driftway Conservation Area. Unfortunately, the Scituate Driftway Conservation Area is not in the GPS, and some construction in the area resulted in road closures, police men guarding barricades, and our getting very lost without finding the Driftway. Mom then decided to take me to Humarock Beach. There was more construction and more road closures and more barricades and more getting lost, but this time we found Humarock. Unfortunately, we also saw a sign that stated that dogs are not permitted on the beach between 10 AM and 6 PM, and a police man there to make sure that this stayed so. By this point we'd been driving around for a while so Mom took me for a little walk up and down the road. I made a deposit on the no dogs sign and we got back into the car. Eventually, we came to someplace Mom thought looked kind of promising: Cow Tent Hill. It was a tiny little piece of conservation land, very tiny, but mostly vertical. There aren't a lot of pictures because we didn't do much, but Mom took a couple snaps of me later just to get you your Yogi fix.
This is where we were. It is in Duxbury. I was excited to see the cow tent, but Mom said it didn't smell bovine at all.
I sniffed and sniffed for some trace of cow.
I was just happy to be out of the car!
This is the view from the top of Cow Tent Hill. Note the distinct absence of cows. And tents.
There is a hut.
Here I am in the yard.
Here I am being cute.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jacob's Pond, Norwell MA and a baseball game

Yesterday Mom and I went someplace new: Jacob's Pond in Norwell. I don't know who Jacob was, but it was nice of him to let us use his pond.
We are here.
The blue dots mark where the trail is.
See? Blue dots.
I like to go to new places.
Dragonfly. Mom tried to get more pictures but they moved around too much... kind of like me!
I have jumped into Jacob's Pond.
Something rotten. It doesn't seem to have fallen from this tree, though.
This is my footprint in the muck.
Someday future paleontologists will theorize about the feeding habits of the mighty Yogi.
Why is there always a bridge?
The feeding habits of the mighty Yogi include grass.
What's that over there?
I don't know what this means.
Pond view? Where?
Ok, I get it.
I like Jacob's Pond.
I like to splash about.
Derelict building. I wonder if there are zombies?
What's that out in the middle of the pond?
Maybe it's Jacob!
Oh, come on, Mom.
These rocks are slippery!
I can climb down.
Mom, do we really have to?
I am the world's cutest dog.
A new trail! Yippee!
Mom said no.
This is not a bridge.
It is nothing more than a couple of elderly rotten pallets.
Kind of a deep puddle, really.
I wonder where this goes?
Er, this is not a path. This is a road.
The path dumped us out of the park.
Yes, this is definitely a road.
We made it home eventually, in time to watch the Sox-Yankees game.
I like to snuggle.
I also like to watch the game.
I'm very excited.
Foot tug!
Who knew Mom was this flexible?
Feet are gross.