Friday, April 25, 2008

An okay day

Yesterday was an okay day. Mom and I went to the St. Mortiz part of the Blue Hills, because she was running short on time. Unfortunately, I really like the St. Moritz part of the Blue Hills, because there are horses there. The horses leave me presents that Mom would prefer I not accept, but it's so hard to hold back! Later, though, they let me back into the basement to watch baseball and I didn't leave any presents on the carpet. Mom even played Tug with me!

I wonder who lives in the hollow of that tree?

There was plenty of clean water at St. Moritz, but I much preferred the dirty water.

Here I am trying to help Mom enjoy the dirty water. She would have so much fun with it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best Day Ever

Yesterday was the absolute best day ever. It was amazingly warm out. The last time it was that hot I was a lot smaller! Mom took me to Wompatuck because she knew there would be lots of shade. She loves the sun, but it does not love her. Anyway, we went to Wompatuck and I jumped in the brook a whole bunch of times. The first picture is of me in the car at the gas station on our way to some errands before we could go and have fun. Then there are some oyster shells Mom found on the ground. It's easy to forget, when you're at Wompatuck, that Hingham is so close to the ocean! The next three pictures are of me in the brook. It's the same brook in different places. Mom couldn't keep me from jumping into the brook. I couldn't manage to get her to jump in, even though I tried.

This picture is of me in a swamp in Wompatuck. Yesterday I posted some pictures from a different park of some pretty green plants. At Wompatuck, I could get a lot closer to them!

After we came back from the park, Mom and Dad took me outside and played with me for a long time.

The first game that we played was Stick. This is one of my favorite games. I especially like the picture where you can see my teeth.

This one is of me playing Hose. Hose is another of my favorite games. Dad waters the garden and I chase and try to bite the water. Mom tried to take a lot of pictures, but Hose involves a lot of running.

After we played Hose we all went down to the lake. Knowing how much I like to splash in the water, Mom waded with me out as deep as I have ever been. I think I liked it, but I was too scared to go in past here. Maybe next time! The pictures didn't come out that well, but Mom wanted to post them anyway because it was such a momentous occasion.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mom decided to take me to the St. Mortiz part of the Blue Hills yesterday. This is me, looking into the swamp. Mom's not quite sure what I thought I saw, and I ain't tellin'.
Here I am trying to roll in something along the path we walked on. Mom couldn't see anything there, but to me it smelled like the finest cologne.
This is the Minichiello Bridge in the Blue Hills. It has taken Mom quite a bit of work to convince me to walk on it, because it is a scary bridge and it keeps me from jumping into a very mucky and icky bog. But yesterday I walked right across it like a big boy. She was so proud of me!
This is just a very pretty picture taken from a path in the Blue Hills. Mom thought you might like to see it. The blue stuff in the background is one of the St. Moritz ponds.
Here Mom was trying to get a shot of some green things growing in the swamp. She doesn't know what they are, but she thought they were a good sign of spring. Unfortunately her camera phone doesn't have a zoom lens, so you kind of have to make do with little green blobs.
Here I am in the swamp. I'm trying to rescue a stick. I got it out, and left it by the side of the pond to dry. This is a favorite activity.

Mom really likes to take me places, and it isn't often that I'm still enough to take pictures so she took a lot of them!
She bought me a new toy recently, too. I immediately fell in love with it. She bought it on Monday afternoon. These pictures were taken on Tuesday morning, after I had already posted. She thought you might enjoy them.
This is the fuzz from the tennis ball on my new toy. It didn't take me long to glean this, let me tell you!
This is my new toy in a semi-pristine state. And Mom's feet, which she thinks are gross but I think taste great. I lick them at every opportunity.
This is me with my new toy. See the hole in the tennis ball? The parts that used to be where the hole is now line the floor of the library. I am such a good dog!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mom calls this feature the Well of Souls. I don't why. It sounds kind of neat - lower a bucket, get a soul. I can think of a few people who ought to try that...Anyway, it's found along the trail at Wompatuck State Park
This is the Well of Souls, without me trying to see if anyone dripped a soul for me to scavenge.
If you look really hard, you can see the tiny little blue wildflowers peeking up from the grass. Mom says that this means Spring is here.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to Wompatuck. It was a local holiday called Patriot's Day, which ostensibly celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord but is really just an excuse to shut down the city of Boston so the marathon is less disruptive to traffic and commerce. Since it was a holiday, the park was a lot more crowded than usual, and much of that crowd was well below the age of 10 human years.

I love kids. I love everything and all people, but I'm especially fond of kids. Mom has no idea why this should be, as I don't get much exposure to kids, but I'm much better behaved with kids than I am with adults. I do not jump on them. I do not try to play tug with their trousers. I do not try to mount them. I sit down nicely and let them pet me. If they're big enough I might lean on them. Most of yesterday's kids were great. Some were more great than others. There was one little girl in particular, she was no more than two and so tiny! She was very sweet and gave me a kiss. There were two other girls, maybe between 7 and 10, who were also very sweet. Some other kids tried to give me a stick, but it was a very small stick and I ate it. They thought this was funny, but their grandmother was very embarassed.

I put a few pictures from yesterday up, so you can see how nice the weather is becoming.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Freedom! Well, sort of.

This is a marker that we passed in Brant Rock. Isn't this a cheerful thought?

It's a wonder he can still breathe!

Dad makes a great couch for watching baseball. Don't I look happy?

This is me on our way to Brant Rock on Monday.

Finally! Yesterday Mom took me for a proper walk up at Wompatuck State Park. We had a good time! We found a new path that took us much closer to Triphammer Pond, and then we found some interesting signs about the history of the park. Unfortunately, I was too excited to take pictures. I also got to chase geese in our yard, which was good.

Here are some more pictures from my enforced hiatus.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I know my mom loves me...

I know my mom loves me. Since I came back from the vet, Mom's been under orders to keep me quiet. This is to keep me from pulling out my stitches, which sounds like it wouldn't be much fun despite my usual relish for pulling stitches out of things. In order to achieve this, she's been loading me up into the car and taking me exploring instead of taking me out for my usual hike. If the environment seems appropriate, she will sometimes take me out of the car and walk me around. We went to Duxbury and walked around a little, although the area we were in wasn't very pedestrian friendly. She took some pictures but they didn't save. She took me to Plympton yesterday, but there wasn't anyplace good to pull over. This is fun. I don't get to burn off much energy but I feel like I went someplace. On Monday we went to a village called Brant Rock. This was fun. It is right on the ocean. I got to smell the ocean, although Mom thought salt water wouldn't feel good on my incision so I didn't go in. If Mom can get the pictures to work, I will post them here!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pictures from my trip to the Blue Hills

These pictures are from my trip to the Blue Hills last Thursday with Mom. We got kind of lost, but we had a lot of fun. These pictures of Old Rt 128 are kind of eerie, aren't they? And check out the Tucker Hill pictures. It was a steep hill, but worth it for the view!

Pictures from my trip to Minuteman National Park

Minuteman National Park is a park that runs for part of the Battle Road on which the Battle of Lexington and Concord was fought. There are a lot of old, ruined houses here. Mom says it was important for Experiencing my National Heritage.

Less exciting than it sounds...

Yesterday I went for another walk with Mom and Dad, but it was a lot less exciting than it sounds. We went to Office Depot. It's like four blocks away or something. Now, I love going places, but I don't think Mom was in a good mood. She wouldn't let me go into any of the stores we passed, or into any of the restaurants. I tried and tried, but she kept saying something about the "Department of Health." Then when we got to Office Depot, Dad went inside and Mom stayed with me outside. There were all kinds of people walking past with all kinds of exciting, mysterious things in bags, but she wouldn't let me check it out or jump on them to show my joy. If you'll believe it, she even used her legs to keep me on the ground! I know, she sounds cruel, doesn't she?

When we got home she insisted that I needed a bath. She said I smelled bad, and since I had a vet appointment today she didn't want the vet thinking that they don't take care of me. At first I didn't like it much, but after a while I kind of got into it.

Anyway, like I said, I have a vet appointment today. I'm going to make a couple more posts today, to show you some pictures from my adventures the past couple of weeks. I'm going to be laid up for a few days, so these should tide you over!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A surprise for Saturday

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted! My mom's been hogging the computer, I guess. I can't have one of my own. Mom and Dad think that I would wuffle it into oblivion, which is strictly speaking true. The past week has been okay. Monday was the opening day of baseball season. Mom and Dad's friend came over, but I was too excited to see him and had to go back upstairs. We went for a lot of walks. We went to the Blue Hills on Thursday and got good and lost, that was fun. We walked along a highway that doesn't exist anymore, Old Route 128, which is now part of the Blue Hills. That was creepy. Mom is always telling me not to walk in the road, but there we were! Anyway, we climbed to the top of a very steep hill, and that was fun too.

Yesterday, though, we went to Wompatuck, and we didn't go alone. Believe it or not, Dad came with us! We took some trails, to include a couple that used to be railroad tracks, and then we sat on a rock. The rock had a deep mucky puddle, and I found many things in the puddle that I presented to my dad. I found sticks, leaves and rocks. He was very glad to have the sticks, leaves and rocks. It was so nice to have Dad with us!