Thursday, September 25, 2008

Off Leash!

Yesterday Mom took me to Bare Cove Park. She wanted to work me out really well so I would be tired when she had to cook. Little did she know what fate had in store for her! I did get to swim, but I met lots of friends too. I met another Golden named Whitney who was very nice, and I met a 4 month old labradoodle named Greedy, and I made friends with a poodle who was my age. Her name was Trey. I slipped out of my collar and ran around with Trey for a long time, even teaching her to swim!
We've never seen this structure in the Weymouth Back River before.
I went swimming.
I love to swim!
This is my friend Trey, shaking off after I taught her to swim. Her person told Mom that she'd never gone very far into the river before. She had a great time.
Me and Trey.
Trey and me.
Both of us running to greet the little dog.
Back on my leash - I'm such a good dog!
I came when Mom called me right away.
She was worried, but I made her feel better about it.
I tried to get back in the river.
Mom thought this would be a cute picture - it looked so very Fall.
Okay, Mom, I'll pose for you just this once.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hawk Hill

Yesterday Mom took me for a walk again. We went to the Braintree Pass part of the Blue Hills, where we found our way to Hawk Hill and back again.
Here I am.
This is one of the paths. Mom thought it was pretty.
This is another shot of the path.
Mom liked the way the fungus was growing up the side of this tree.
Stone wall.
Pretty leaves changing colors.
I tried to give Mom this stick.
Hole with some interesting tunnels.
More leaves.
Someone arranged these in a row, but we can't figure out why.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Esker Park

Yesterday Mom took me someplace new: Great Esker Park in Weymouth. It was a very nice park. At first we thought it might be closed, but that didn't turn out to be the case.
Here I am on the path.
Weird zombie art.
This says we're about to get on the Reversing Falls trail.
View from the esker.
Another angle.
This is all part of the Weymouth Back River... you'll have heard of that.
Yogi on an Esker smiling.
We didn't go on the Twin Oaks trail until later.
A family of cranes.
Maybe they're egrets?
The Weymouth Back River again.
You knew.
I don't know which way this is supposed to flow, so I don't know if it's reversed or not.
Does this look familiar?
We've seen the same thing from Bare Cove park, which is just across the river. We thought it was a loudspeaker, but it's a nest!
Back in the river.
Mom likes aquatic birds.
This one flew right over our heads.
It's pretty, I guess.
They don't like to play much.
And back to your regularly scheduled frolic.
One of the cranes is flying!
This is a different crane.
We watched each one take off.
Mom is really into them.
Someone probably needs these.
Was Auntie Chris here?
Will a crane come and play?
I love the water.
I smile!
I became enamored of this rock.
I tried and tried to pick it up.
It didn't want to be picked up.
But I won eventually!
I still don't want to be a crab.
Me smiling on the esker.
Remember this? That's bare cove park!
I love Bare Cove park!