Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Arlington, MA

Yesterday, Mom and Dad had a bunch of errands to run north of Boston. They decided to bring me with them and take me for a walk in a park where they used to live, in Arlington.
Wow, what is this place?
Guess I shouldn't lick this, huh?
Good thing it's locked!
The red stick is useful, though.
This is me on the path.
Aren't I cute?
The path goes up.
More of the path.
I'm king of the hill!
I sniff on top of the hill.
This is down.
So is this.
This is a theater for the zombies. I wonder if they watch zombie movies?
What's over there?
We think this might be a mushroom.
This path goes out!
This is some kind of zombie torture device.
They train their faceless zombie army here.
There's always a stone wall.
This stick jumped up and bit me!
Mom says this is for chopping off heads.
I don't even want to know what this is.
It's creepy!
I'm scared of it!
This was on the ground underneath the thing.
This is a pole. We don't know why.
Look at me smile! Rock.
Swimming dog!
Mom tried to stop me at first.
Then she saw another dog swimming and said okay.
I'm so cute!
I love the water.
This is a thicket on our way out.
Mom likes red things.
This is the sign at the entrance.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A tidal disappointment

Yesterday Mom took me back down to Bay Farm in Duxbury. She was very proud of herself for finding it with no GPS! She wanted to take me someplace pretty, but someplace that wasn't too strenuous. I really exhausted myself on Sunday with my best friend Eden! Anyway, it was even less strenuous than I expected: the tide was out and I couldn't swim. We still had a good time though!
Isn't the field pretty?
There were some new flowers that weren't there the last time.
Here I am!
This is a bee.
This is two bees.
This is a different bee. This is a close-up of the different bee. Mom went on a bit of a bee spree, I guess!
This crab was a victim of the tide.
See? Low tide.
I wonder what's in this hole in the ground?
I'm so happy!
This was someone's tennis ball once.
This was a mollusc.
These are water birds of some sort.
Mom thought the one in back was a buoy until she looked at the pictures this morning.
One of them can fly.
This is a better flight picture.
The muck smelled like low tide.
I kind of sniffed at the ball, but I didn't take it.
I'd really like to go farther out there.
Can't I please go for a swim?
I'll sniff the puddle.
Yay! Just a little farther!
What's that there?
I might not be able to swim today, but I love my mommy. She takes me places.
I wonder what left this paw print!
That can't be mine - I'm just little!
Isn't the field beautiful?
Mom felt bad that I couldn't swim today, but we had a good time anyway. We always do. I love my mom.
See my big smile?
This is fluff, but it doesn't come from a bird.
It comes from this pod! I wonder if it will hatch pod people?