Friday, May 30, 2008

The Red Trail?

Yesterday Mom and I went back to Pond Meadow Park. It was much less crowded than the last time - I think we got there earlier. This made Mom happy, and a happy Mom makes a happy Yogi. It was still pretty populated, but that's okay. Everyone said how nice I was, and that's the main thing, right? Here are some pictures from our trip on the Red Trail.
This is where we got on the Red Trail. The sign was confusing.
This is me, waiting for Mom to get a move on.
This is a pile of rocks. The zombies put them here.
I can smell the zombies in the pile of rocks. This is how I know that there were zombies. Mom wouldn't let me dig one up though.
Here are some pretty flowers near the pile of rocks.
This was a scary bridge. It doesn't look scary, but there were gaps in it that made me very nervous. I crossed the bridge as low to the ground as I could, like the cats do when they're scared.
Do you see the gaps in this bridge? Red blobs = Mom's feet.
This is where the red trail split off from the yellow trail. Note the complete absence of directional markers? That's how the zombies get you.
Mom was smarter than that. See the red dot on the tree? That's how we knew we chose the right path.
This shows how we had to essentially go through another stone wall to keep on the path.
There were more of those wacky numbered sign posts on this path.
This one had some scary graffiti on it. See?
This was a pretty view of the pond.
This is me, fascinated by a chipmunk.
This is me with a stick in the water. You knew I'd wind up in there eventually, didn't you? It was really just a matter of time.
Mom said I looked like baby Moses in the rushes. Except for the red collar.
This is the end of the red trail.
This is the beginning of a new red trail. This makes me nervous. How do we know that there aren't even more red trails out there? And that hat wasn't red, it was pink. Where did it come from? Is it really the Pink Trail? Or did the zombies eat someone and leave just the hat?
This is me getting some water after we were done.
Shouldn't water be near food? Maybe someone dropped a crumb!
Come on, there have to be some crumbs somewhere. Pesky neatnick zombies!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Return to Wompatuck

Yesterday Mom and I went back to Wompatuck. It was nice to go. I mean, I had a lot of fun hanging around with Dad, but going for walks in the woods with Mom is what I'm supposed to do, you know? Mom posted this earlier but there was a problem with Blogger, so I'm just going to give you the short version this time.
This is one of the random paths we took. That's me encouraging Mom to come along.
This is the same path, without me nagging. I don't think we'd ever gone down this path before. It looks like a very fun adventure though!
I swear I saw a zombie.... no wait, just a chipmunk.
Here I am by a brook. This is at the top of a ridge overlooking the brook.
Here I am looking for a good path down.
Isn't the brook pretty? Don't you want to just jump right in?
This is a hole in the ground. I don't know what lives there, but something dug it out. I could smell it. Mom wouldn't let me make it bigger.
This is me in a different brook, getting a stick.
This is me chasing a little minnow or something. I didn't catch it, but I had loads of fun splashing after it.
See how proud of myself I am? I got all nice and mucky!
Here I am trying to get even muckier.
I'm not sure why this bridge is here - probably for zombies. I didn't like it much, but I did use it as an excuse to get closer to the brook.
See? Right off the side of the bridge.
The cool water tasted great!
Here is the fence to the Closed Area. Something tried to tear down the fence. I suspect zombies. Mom suspects drunks.
This is a strange, fenced-off little enclosure that looks like a dog "run". There's nothing in it but an old loudspeaker. Why do the zombies need a loudspeaker? It's not like they can talk. Their jaws just fall right off.
There is actually a very pretty butterfly near the top center of this photo.
This is where we came out. It is only remarkable in that it is not where we went in, and we had never come out this exit before!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guess who's back?

Mom came back from her vacation yesterday! While she was gone, I had a very good time with Dad. We played a lot of frisbee! Mom took these pictures yesterday. I still wanted to play frisbee. Mom found out that Dad had been letting me bring the frisbee into the house.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A zombie encounter

Today Mom and I went to the St. Moritz Nature Trail in the Blue Hills. It's been a while since we went there, but Mom had a lot to do and this place was closest. We had a bit of a scare. We were walking through the park and I saw a little trail I wanted to go on. We had never been on this trail before, and Mom thought it would be okay. We didn't get very far. Once we were through the brush, we saw what we thought was a pile of old clothes. Then we realized that someone was actually inside the old clothes! Mom was nervous. She thinks I wouldn't be much good at defending her if something happened. Still, she didn't want to have something happen. So we went back onto the main trail and walked until we found another person, a very nice lady who happened to be going in the right direction anyway. Mom asked if she would mind coming with her, because she wanted to see what was going on but didn't want to do it alone. Nice Lady said okay, and all three of us went back to the deer trail.

Nice Lady yelled from a good distance. The man did not wake up. We got a little closer and yelled again. He still didn't wake up. We had to get very close and very loud before he woke up - Mom wouldn't let me lick his ear, which works for Dad. Anyway, it turned out that he wasn't dead, or sick, or unconscious. He was a construction worker on his lunch hour taking a nap. Everyone laughed, and the man thanked us for checking on him. I'm not convinced he's not a zombie, but the Nice Lady went her way and we went ours and the zombie man went back to sleep or whatever. These pictures were all taken afterward.
This is me on a trail.
This is a pretty little clearing. Can you see the old stone wall in the background?
This is a burnt out old tree trunk. It looks unpleasant, doesn't it?
This is me sulking. There is a cemetary on the other side of the park. I wanted to go in. I heard that there were bones there. Mom wouldn't let me. She's so mean!
I got her back, though, by jumping into a stinking mud pit.
See? Now half of me is black! I look like I have pants on! You should see how I smell!

Anyway, Mom is going away for a few days, so she won't be around to post any of our new adventures. I'm staying with Dad, which should be an adventure in and of itself! Mom says she will miss me, but not the smell.

Triphammer Pond trail

Yesterday Mom and I went back to Wompatuck State Park. We took the path that goes by Triphammer Pond. I know we've taken it once before, but neither of us really remembered it so I wanted to take it again. These are some pictures from our trip.
This is a picture of my namesake, Yogi Berra. I don't look anything like this, but Mom and I thought he should be included. We're pretty sure that the picture came from either Yahoo or the New York Daily News.
This is me in the car. I fell asleep as soon as Mom got me in there. There was a nice warm sunny spot and one thing led to another and... Mom says I snore.
I woke up in time to enjoy our trip. As soon as we got close to Triphammer Pond I jumped in. This is me in the pond.
This is one view of Triphammer Pond. Isn't it pretty? On such a nice day, the pond was so still you could see the trees reflected.
This is Triphammer Pond from another angle. Don't you just want to jump right in?
I did, as you can see. I was chasing a bird, I think.
Here is me stalking something.
And here I am rescuing a stick. I don't know what the sticks would do if not for me!
This is a strange board bridge that we found along the path. The ground was kind of soft, but not soft enough to require a bridge. I guess it would be different if we'd gotten a lot of rain the day before. It held Mom's weight perfectly. I think she kind of enjoyed it, pretending that it was a balance beam or something.
Here is me next to the board bridge.
Here I am inspecting another bridge. This one looks more normal.
Here I am tasting the bridge. It tasted good.
Here are some pretty ferns Mom thought you might enjoy.
This is a bench. I don't know why it's there. It's in the middle of a random clearing, a landscaped space that I just don't get. Perhaps it's a religious space for zombies?
See? It's obviously been landscaped, and someone is taking care of it, but there is no label and no other evidence that anyone's ever been there. I'm telling you, it has to be the zombies.
Here is some random rotting rope that we found in the clearing.
Here I am sitting in the clearing. I do know how to sit, whatever you may suspect.
This is a bone fragment we found on our way out. Mom wouldn't let me eat it.
See, here are some more bone fragments. Mom said I couldn't eat it because she couldn't identify it. I can identify it: zombie leftovers. Yum!