Thursday, September 25, 2008

Off Leash!

Yesterday Mom took me to Bare Cove Park. She wanted to work me out really well so I would be tired when she had to cook. Little did she know what fate had in store for her! I did get to swim, but I met lots of friends too. I met another Golden named Whitney who was very nice, and I met a 4 month old labradoodle named Greedy, and I made friends with a poodle who was my age. Her name was Trey. I slipped out of my collar and ran around with Trey for a long time, even teaching her to swim!
We've never seen this structure in the Weymouth Back River before.
I went swimming.
I love to swim!
This is my friend Trey, shaking off after I taught her to swim. Her person told Mom that she'd never gone very far into the river before. She had a great time.
Me and Trey.
Trey and me.
Both of us running to greet the little dog.
Back on my leash - I'm such a good dog!
I came when Mom called me right away.
She was worried, but I made her feel better about it.
I tried to get back in the river.
Mom thought this would be a cute picture - it looked so very Fall.
Okay, Mom, I'll pose for you just this once.

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