Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Esker Park

Yesterday Mom took me someplace new: Great Esker Park in Weymouth. It was a very nice park. At first we thought it might be closed, but that didn't turn out to be the case.
Here I am on the path.
Weird zombie art.
This says we're about to get on the Reversing Falls trail.
View from the esker.
Another angle.
This is all part of the Weymouth Back River... you'll have heard of that.
Yogi on an Esker smiling.
We didn't go on the Twin Oaks trail until later.
A family of cranes.
Maybe they're egrets?
The Weymouth Back River again.
You knew.
I don't know which way this is supposed to flow, so I don't know if it's reversed or not.
Does this look familiar?
We've seen the same thing from Bare Cove park, which is just across the river. We thought it was a loudspeaker, but it's a nest!
Back in the river.
Mom likes aquatic birds.
This one flew right over our heads.
It's pretty, I guess.
They don't like to play much.
And back to your regularly scheduled frolic.
One of the cranes is flying!
This is a different crane.
We watched each one take off.
Mom is really into them.
Someone probably needs these.
Was Auntie Chris here?
Will a crane come and play?
I love the water.
I smile!
I became enamored of this rock.
I tried and tried to pick it up.
It didn't want to be picked up.
But I won eventually!
I still don't want to be a crab.
Me smiling on the esker.
Remember this? That's bare cove park!
I love Bare Cove park!

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