Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back to Turkey hill

Yesterday Mom took me back to Turkey Hill. We'd hoped to see the American Holly Forest, but were thwarted by our lack of a map. However, we still had a good time. I had a little too good a time. You'll see more about that later....
Come on, Mom. Turkey Hill won't climb itself!
Pretty tree
There've been a lot of people here!
Beautiful leaf. I didn't even try to eat it.
Turkey Hill.
Pretty leaves.
You'd think Mom got enough leaf peeping in this weekend.
Nike building. It is not a jail.
There was actually livestock at Weir Farm!
These are sheep!
And a cow!
Did they come over here?
I love this!
Mom likes vistas.

I like walking.

Another pretty tree.
Mom likes the berries.

This is really pretty. I didn't eat the part that got et!
Guess we won't be going this way!
You knew I'd find it.
Look how dirty I am!
The horses left some presents.
I got a bath when I got home, but it was worth it!

Why does every trail spit us out onto a highway?
Back the other way.

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Hi Yogi - great to see you in so many good wet spots n' "off the leash" - I don't really get otl walks as most of my walks are in neighborhoods rather than wide open spaces.
My people used to live in NY and they spent some time traveling in MA - always thought it was a pretty state. In fact, one my older people siblings graduated from Boston College quite a number of years ago.

Glad to take a nice break with you and your pictures today.

Best regards,