Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with Blogger!

I apologize if this post seems incoherrent. Mom has had some issues with blogger today and had to remove a bunch of old pictures to make room for the new ones, which seems to confuse them. Anyway, last Friday Mom and I went back to Borderland State Park. This time, though, we went on one of the side trails, which the book described as "canine fitness trails." The vet thinks I am pudgy, so Mom wanted to make me work more.
Someone has cut an awful lot of wood.
This is a path. Mom thought you'd think it was pretty.
French trail, huh?
Maybe there will be some wine and cheese!
No wine, but there is water coming up from the ground.
Sometimes there were bridges.
No cheese yet, but I'll keep looking!
They weren't kidding about this being a fitness trail!
It was a really pretty trip, though.
Look at me!
Is there someone French behind the tree?
Pretty leaves.
Mom really liked them.
Pretty scene.
This doesn't do justice to the height of this drop off.
If we go this way, there's a raccoon?
Now we're on the Split Rock Trail.
More bridge.
This was actually the last picture we took.
Blogger rearranged things though.
This is ok, because I am a free-form doggy.
Another split rock.
2 trees or one?

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