Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wompatuck in the Fall

Yesterday, Mom took me back to Wompatuck. It's been a while! It's such a beautiful site, we were both very happy to see it in the fall. We met a new friend, a black lab named Jura. Jura was more interested in leaning on Mom and getting scritches than in playing with me, but that's okay. I love him anyway. I love everyone except horses. And zombies.
This was our first sight upon embarking on the path from the car.
Another path view.
I'm such a happy dog!
Mom says she had a bush like this in the front yard growing up.
She associates it with her mom, although she's not sure why.
Another path.
Huh. According to the smell, this fence post is the property of Jura the Dog.
Big smile!
This was just a really pretty little glade or whatever. Mom is weird, she really likes this stuff.
Rock with a thing on it.
Look how good I am, not menacing the thing!
I wonder what the thing is.
Lonely little bunker.
Dog going down the hill!
Among the leaves.
You take too many pictures, Mom!
Brackish water - my favorite! Mom wouldn't let me go for a swim since I had a bath yesterday.
There are no wires connected to this.
Pretty scene.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jura,
My names Lily. I hike at Blue Hills almost everyday but I don't think I've seen you! I'm a Golden (at least, that's what they've told me. I'm tiny for my 15 months)and my morning walks are usually the green trail off of 138 but Mommy loves the Blue Trail too. She wants to spned the WHOLE day doing the Blue Trail tomorrow but she can't figure out where it actually starts and ends... I don't care if we actually do the whole thing but I sure want to spend the WHOLE day out there, especially if I can go for a swim.
The only bad thing for us dogs this time of year is all the ticks.
Some pictures of me are here:
Enjoy this beautiful weather and maybe one of these days we'll run into each other!

Anonymous said...

Oops! You're Yogi, of course. Sorry I called you Jura