Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It started out as such a good day!

Yesterday started out as such a good day. Mom took me someplace new and, really, very exciting. According to the Dog Book, this place was the site of an 18th century inn that was a notorious hangout for highwaymen. Highwaymen is a polite way of saying "carjackers." Mom says it's a racial-class thing, then she goes into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo on the subject that knocks me right out. Anyway, when the building was abandoned it fell down, and when they went to clear the debris and make it a park they found skeletons in the foundations of the inn. Lots of 'em. Skeletons involve bones, so Mom and I decided to go see what we could find.
King Philip Woods conservation land. Apparently Sudbury was a hotspot during King Philip's War. When Mom got home she researched the area. King Philip (aka Metacom) may have ultimately lost the war, but he sure won the battle in Sudbury!
This is a very helpful map board.
Thank Someone for these!
I like the new site.
Is this the foundation?
This is a beautiful scene.
Mom likes red leaves best.
But the rest of the pond was pretty too.
I haven't found any bones yet, but there was plenty to roll in!
You saw this coming.
I love the water!
No bones here! Mom says that in a bog I wouldn't find bones, just soft parts preserved like in a pickle. Sounds good to me! I'll roll in them too.
Nothing here though.
Maybe this is the foundation?
Or this? It looks like a door jamb.
This does not.
I'm getting so good with these plank bridges! Mom gets worse. She slipped and fell into the muck!
I'll help you out Mom!
Maybe this is the foundation?
Well, we haven't found anything to commemorate the highwaymen/carjackers or their victims, but this guy apparently died on this spot 300 years before Mom was born. That was about 100 years ago as it is!
This could be the foundation. It's certainly got a corner!
I loved this site!
Another doorjamb-looking thing.
Is there a bone for me?
What's under this giant mound, I wonder? Is it a bone?
Not here, at any rate.
Flat stone. Could it have a sordid history? One involving bones?
Mom says it's in poor taste to steal bones, that the skeleton might get mad.
I don't care. I'll take the bone and play keep away with it!
Someone lined these logs up and let them get all soggy. They'll never burn now!
I'd run off and make the skeleton chase me.
Another stone wall.
What does this hide?
What caused the red stain on this stone?
No bones here either!
There is a perfectly round hole in this tree, though.
We'd already seen this! Going this way would just turn us around in a circle!
This is not where we started.
The trail had spit us out in what looks like a different conservation area, but was really someone's back yard. We had to go back along a very busy highway. Mom kept me on a short leash, which I fought, and made me heel, which I fought. I wanted to be on the other side of the road - the cars and trucks didn't scare me. Mom didn't like it and kept tackling me to make me stay away from them. Well, I didn't like that either and eventually slipped out of my leash. Boy was Mom mad! I've never seen her so mad! She threw me over the guardrail in no uncertain terms and yelled at me the whole way back to the car. She says if I ever get a walk again I'm getting a choke chain and that's all there is to it. That doesn't sound like much fun!
She got over being angry by the time we went to bed, though, and I slept with my little paws in the air and a big smile on my face.

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