Monday, October 6, 2008

Elm Bank Reservation

On Friday, Mom took me someplace new: Elm Bank Reservation in Dover, MA. Wow, what a place!
This used to be someone's house.
Now it isn't.
This is some kind of shed. Note that the sky is relatively blue.
I sniff.
I love it here!
I don't know what this is, but the soccer fields were dotted with them.
Pumpkin patch!
Pugs! We met new friends, Chowder (right) and Bruschi (left).
My dad loves pugs.
I love many things Dad loves, like almonds and cashews and the lake and my mom. Therefore, I also love pugs.
Someone has way too much free time.
The Reservation is also home to the Mass Horticultural Society.
There were lots of pretty flowers.
It is on the banks of the Charles River.
Don't you just want to jump in?
This is a pretty leaf and berry combo.
Mom took this picture for Dad.
Mom wouldn't let me jump in the river.
The ice conditions were so unsafe that they took it all away!
I don't know why I couldn't go in.
There are even stairs for me to use!
Don't you want to jump in too?
I'm getting a mixed message here...
Look how dark it's gotten already!
This is the path.
It took us a while to find the path.
But we found it. Yay!
Mom says the river is gross.
She often says I'm gross.
Wouldn't that be a perfect match>
It looks like there's something under the water. What if it's a stick?
The colors were all pretty though.
I don't know what this is.
See the brilliant colors?
Mom likes them.
I don't know what this is either.
It started to rain on us.
More pretty leaves.
Yesterday Mom brought me a present!

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