Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bare Cove again

Yesterday Mom was feeling very, very sore from our adventures with King Philip the day before, so she brought me to Bare Cove Park. She didn't think she was going to have to pick me up and throw me over anything there! Before we left, though, she picked up a choke-chain collar for me. I don't really mind it, and it makes a great jingly sound when it clinks against my tags! We met my friend Whitney while we were arriving. It was good to see her.
Here I am in a field. Mom didn't know about the spot on her lens until she took the pictures off the camera, so she apologizes in advace.
Here is me looking all romantic.
Aren't I the prettiest thing?
I don't know what kind of bird this is.
Cormorant maybe?
Naturally, I went for a swim.
I dearly love a swim.
What do you see missing from this picture?
Mom let me go off-leash for a little while. I was such a good dog I came right back when she called, even without a little doggy friend to keep me nearby.
Someday we'll take this path, but not today.
Pretty vista. With a black dot.
I'm so happy Mom's not mad anymore!
Look how I smile!
And prance!

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