Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bare Cove Park

Yesterday Mom and I went someplace we haven't been in a long time - since it was cold out. We went back to Bare Cove Park, which used to be a military facility and is now a wildlife preserve.
Hey, I know where we are!
I like it here!
Who's been here recently? It's been so long!
This is the Back River, which runs through the park.
I want to go over there! Right now!
This is a bird sitting on a pylon.
Mom went a little nuts with the birds.
It's.... a rock!
Here is a seagull sitting on a pylon.
Hey, that fence wasn't there the last time we were here!
I wonder what these pylons were once for?
You'd think we don't have seagulls at home.
River doggie!
Hey, this river is salty!
There's a sign!
Oh, they've re-seeded the grass. I'll respect that.
Especially since there's a river to walk near.
More birds.
There are a bunch of them.
Mom doesn't know what kind of bird they are.
Maybe that's why she took so many pictures.
They've moved a bit here.
Here is one bird on a crooked pylon.
I guess it is pretty. I just wanted to splash in the river.
Let's go back to the river, Mom.
Happy me!
Poor dead crab. Something ate its insides.
Are there any more dead crabs? Maybe I can roll in them!
Guess not. There's a post. We can't quite make out what it's for.
Back in the river!
Come on, Mom!
This is a smokestack.
Here's that post again. I guess it kind of looks like a birdhouse of some kind.
I look pretty with flowers.
Who lives here?
Ooo! Brackish water!
Come on, it's clearly made for me!
Something's lair. I wonder what it is?
Mom thought these might be the cell towes on top of Turkey Hill, but on closer inspection they're just electrical poles.
I want to go back in the water!
Aren't I pretty in the wind?
This is a pretty view.
That's evidence of zombie activity, but we couldn't get closer because it was across the river.
Can we get back in the river now?
Another pretty view.
I'm coming, Mom!
What is it with Mom and blackberries, anyway?
Again with the blackberries.
Now what do you think that's for? Maybe some kind of zombie ritual?
Here's another zombie lair.
What do you think the zombies use this for?
A field of flowers.
They're very pink.
Here are some other pretty flowers.
They're not entirely pink.
But they're still pretty.
Can I get back in NOW?
I've had fun!
What kind of birds are these?
And where are their heads?
Did we see a cormorant?
Maybe an osprey? I think that's stretching a bit.
And there's no way we saw an egret. It was just a seagull.

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