Friday, July 18, 2008

Ridge Hill Reservation

Yesterday, Mom and I went to the Ridge Hill Reservation in Needham, MA. It was a very pretty place, and we met a very nice English Springer Spaniel. Unfortunately, the trails were indifferently marked to say the least and Mom wasn't feeling that great, so eventually we just turned around and went home. We did, however, develop a goal. The (one, very small) map of the site (you can see it in the upper right corner of the information board) indicated an "old mine" on the site, and Mom really wants to go see it. So I'm sure we'll be back!
This is where we were. See the map? It's tiny, and kind of indistinct.
I wonder what's under this plywood?
This house used to be inhabited, but now it isn't. At least, not by the living.
Ooo! Ooo! What's over there?
See? I'm telling you, there are zombies in this house.
I like big grassy fields.
Hah! There is a sign somewhere!
I'm coming, Mom!
A chipmunk actually sat still for us to take his picture.
I did not eat him.
Now what do you think this is?
I love new places, with new smells!
This is the view from the trail, which was at the top of an "esker."
This is the entrance to something called the "swamp trail." Mom said no.
This sign points down. I don't know why.
This was a pretty feather.
There were lots of birds at the site, and they were all very pretty, but not very interested in sitting still. So mom has to make do with what they shed.
This is a very informative sign.
All right, this at least has words.
I saw a red squirrel!
There's a fungus among us.
Actually, it's a pretty fungus, but I don't think Mom wants a bouquet of it.
There were some logs in the way, but I made it through the obstacle.
I have no idea what the zombies do with this, but it is strange and off putting.
After we got out of the trail, we found some dog's tags at the trail entrance. Mom called the number on one of the tags and we were able to get them back to their person. So we had another, extra adventure and I got to meet all sorts of people at Starbucks. They all said how good I am, which I shall remind Mom of the next time she complains when I steal her paper towels.

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