Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lake Doggie

Yesterday was really hot, so we didn't go farther than our lake. This was fine with me, since I love the lake!
Here is me with Mom.
These are some geese.
Here are some geese with a sailboat. Someone on the sailboat said I was cute!
These are some geese drinking or eating or whatever geese do.
These are duckies. They yell at Dad all the time.
Here I am with my water toy, the Wubba.
Will Mom throw the Wubba for me?
Watch me swim!
I love my wubba!
Will YOU throw my wubba?
I can fetch!
See me run!
I'll bring it back to shore.
I'll put it where you can easily find it.
Right here in the bushes!
See me roll in the sand?
These are some berries. Mom says not to eat them.
Wasn't there more shoreline here a week ago?
Dad got in the kayak!
I'll race him!
You can't go farther, Daddy!
Let me lead!
Okay, I'll come back now.
Can you really throw it from the kayak?
I'll go this way!
I'll go that way!
And this way again!
I ate some seaweed
More like lake weed, but whatever.
Let's play chase!
I'm having so much fun!
Look at me!
Here is my stick.
I love my stick.
See my teeth?
Another view.
Let's play keep away!
You can't have it.
Stick needs a bath. It smells like dog breath.
I'll bring it over here.
And put it in the bushes.
I love to play in the lake.
I love to swim.
And I love to run.
I want to go over here.
I'll chase some geese!
Later, I ate dinner with Mom and Dad and Grandma V. and Grandpa V.!

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