Monday, July 7, 2008

A new toy and a day at home

Yesterday Mom and Dad gave me my birthday present: a water toy. I had lots of fun with it, chasing it into the water and making Mom capsize her kayak by playing keep away. Mom didn't bring her camera down to the lake this time, though, so no pictures. There are pictures of us playing later that evening while they grilled dinner, though.
Here I am with a giant stick.
I love to run around with my giant stick.
Then I chew on it.
How long do you think the stick will last?
I still look like a puppy here, even though I am a whole year old!
More of me with my stick.
See my teeth?
I smile.
I bring the stick up onto the deck.
Here I am looking through a hole in the banister.
I like to do this.
Here I am with my frisbee. Those are Dad's feet.
We play keep away with my frisbee.
I pretend that I'm going to give it to him.
Then I run away with it.
I still have it!
And you can't catch me!
Eventually I sometimes give it to Dad.
But not this time!
Come and get it.
See? I run around and around.
I'll run all the way to the back gate.
Here I am with two toys: Frisbee and Stick.
Here I am being cute.
Here I am with my dad.
He doesn't usually smile for pictures.
But he always smiles with me.
Not in the face!
Mom took lots of pictures of me and Dad.
She loves us both.
Here we are kind of conking out.
And here we are looking away.
Back to the stick.
Close stick
Far stick
Me and my stick.
Cute stick

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