Friday, July 4, 2008

I can swim!

Yesterday traffic was too awful for us to drive anywhere, so Dad suggested that we have an adventure right in our own back yard. I learned how to swim!
Here is dad, walking toward the lake with an oar.
This is dad. He's doing something funny with the oar.
Mom didn't want to show what he was doing with the oar.
The oar basically looks like a big stick.
Is there something on the ground?
I'm pretty sure that this is just a big stick.
There were lots of them yesterday.
I got all tangled up!
I could barely walk!
I decided to roll around when I was free.
Here I am exploring the beach.
I'm wading out a little bit here.
I'm wading a little ffarther.
Here I am sniffing in the overgrowth again.
Here I am trotting back out into the water.
Here I am with Mom.
I'm shaking off in the water. Dad says this is Dim.
I'm a little deeper now!
Now I'm all wet!
This is as far out as I've ever been.
I'm very soggy.
Now look! I can swim!
It's not very deep here, but it's deeper than my legs.
Dad got in the kayak to give me someone to chase.
Father and son!
I'm stepping away for a moment.
I'm such a happy dog!
Ooo - I saw a really big stick!
Dad floats and watches me.
I'm sure I can grab it if I get the right angle.
Got a piece of it!
Now Mom is in the kayak.
I'm so excited!
I'm running.
Back to the stick.
I'll get it eventually
Mom's got a better stick.
I want to play tug.
I really want to play tug.
No, come on, it's my stick.
I want it!
I'll tug you to shore, Mom!
And now I'll tug you back out!

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