Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whitney Thayer Woods

Yesterday Mom and I went back to Whitney and Thayer woods, but this time we didn't hike through the whole park. That was silly the last time! It was fun, but it took a very long time. This time Mom had someplace specific she wanted to visit. We parked someplace different this time too.
This is a picnic table near the entrance.
I wonder what's over here?
Into the drink!
I wonder what this is.... this part of the park is really studded with them.
This is the path. It was kind of chilly and very dark yesterday.
This is the first sign we encountered. It points the wrong way. We had just come from the entrance and didn't want to go back yet!
I posed for this shot.
This is the amazingly informative trail marker. It tells you that you are on a trail.
I think this is supposed to be an alternate trail. I didn't want to chance it.
This is an opening in an old stone wall. The wall didn't fall down, it was left open deliberately.
This is a large boulder. It has a name but I forgot it already.
What was that sound over there?
Another rock.
This is how we knew we were going the right way! This is the path - really, that little trough there.
We climbed the rock. This is the view from the top of the rock. We came from this way.
See how steep it is?
The trail goes through two rocks. See the passage?
This is a pretty fungus with purple edges.
I tried to climb some rocks, but I fell down.
This is another pretty fungus.
This is another indicator that we're doing something right.
I'm having so much fun.
Here I am climbing.
This is an obstacle in the path.
I thought it was a giant stick and tried to drag it off. It didn't work.
I climbed under the obstacle. Mom tried to step over it. She wound up very glad she didn't try to step up on it; it was quite rotted.
This is a pretty spider web.
See? The droplets collect in the web.
This is our final destination: Og's Den.
Some guy lived in here back in the 1830s, which I think is when Mom was born.
I wonder if this piece of glass belonged to Og?
Can I go inside?
Here I am climbing something.
Mom still says I'm part mountain goat. I have a tag that says I'm 100% dog, though.
This looks safe.
Mom liked the pattern of how the leaves and stuff flowed over the path.
I don't get it. The map clearly says to go through here, but it's private property. Can this be right?
I guess so.... We tried to go through but we were startled by a very unfriendly dog on the private property. We decided to go back and go around.
The zombies made conserves! I wonder if they get spread on toast or what.
This is a new tree growing out of the stump of a dead tree. Profound.
There lies your way.
I posed for this one too.
It was a pretty plant.
It was the only one like it that we saw.
More pretty fungus!
It's very pale. I wonder if it glows?
Hey, more water!
I love water.
I like to drink it.
And play in it.
Okay, I'm done now!
Not long after we got home, we got some pretty severe weather at home. I'm glad we didn't stay to hike the whole park!

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