Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pratt Farm Conservation Area

Yesterday Mom and I decided to go to Pratt Farm Conservation Area in Middleborough. We didn't know where Middleborough was. Now we do. It is far. And south. Here are some pictures from our trip.
This is the sign at the entrance. We're here!
This is the view from the path at the entrance.
This is a view of the entrance. Mom would have taken more pictures, but there was someone creepy.
Can we go in here?
Come on, Mom, let's go!
I'm so happy to be someplace new!
How about in here - can we go in here?
Or here?
What is this thing hanging from the tree?
Is it a fruit? An insect coccoon? Maybe it's an alien pod.
Can we go here, maybe?
This is an old gate. I think zombies used it.
This is a pretty feather.
Mom liked it because it was striped and reminded her of the Yankees.
I wonder if this is meaningful in any way?
Can't go here!
It doesn't look like there's much to do on the other side anyway.
I guess we'll have to go this way!
I love going places with Mom.
Watch me prance!
Ooo - I heard a strange noise in the woods. Now I'm nervous.
This feather looks like one we saw in the Blue Hills a while back.
I wonder if the bird followed us here?
If it did, we still don't know what it is.
Can we please go? I don't want whatever that sound is to get us.
What's a "dirt bike," Mom?
Maybe it will have left a scent on this rock!
Come on, Rock, tell me all you know.
We're moving, we're moving
Clear sign of zombie activity.
The path goes down. I get to pull Mom down the hill!
A different toadstool. I think yesterday's toad would have an easier time sitting on this.
I made a face at Mom!
Is this really the pond they advertised?
It looks like a pond, but we can't get to it!
Yogi on the lookout!
At least it isn't a blackberry.
I hope this is just a memorial and not a grave.
More lillies.
Mom, I'm tired and scared. Can we please rest?
Maybe right here?
Or here?
There is a fence here. I wonder if they're trying to keep someone out... or in?
Here is a wide open field.
Here is the foundation from an old mill.
Here is another view of the foundation. Someone has thoughtfully given us a barrel as well.
Here is some kind of platform from the mill.
Here is some debris from the mill. Couldn't they have put it in the barrel?
Zombies make such a mess!
Old plank road.
Are there zombies underneath?

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Christie Lawyer said...

Precious! Thank you! Check out some of Dee Dee and Bianca the Rhodesian Ridgebacks adventures on Search MA then dogwalks.