Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday Mom and I went back to Womapatuck State Park for the first time in months. Unfortunately, a lot of groups of young people on bicycles were there too. They were plenty well behaved, but it still meant that Mom had to keep me on a very short leash for a lot of our hike. That isn't much fun for either of us, so we didn't stay very long.
Hey, I know this place! I've been here before! I love it here!
What kind of berries are these, I wonder?
Ooo, that feels good.
I love a good scratch.
Hey, are those grapes?
They are grapes!
Now Mom and I are both happy! Of course, I'm not supposed to eat grapes.
Now, something seems to be missing.
I'm sure that there was some nice brackish water around here somewhere.
It was brackish and brown. Have you seen it?
Did it go over here?
Well, the ground here is damp, so there was some water here at some point.
Where did it go? I really miss it!
I'm coming, Mom!
Maybe it's over here?
Okay, we're on a bridge. Brackish water I can't access doesn't help me, now does it?
Hey, I heard something!
Water bugs.
More berries, just different colors.
Mom still says I shouldn't eat them.
You knew Mom would find a pretty fungus eventually, didn't you?

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