Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Nick of Time

Yesterday Mom and I went to Borderlands State Park, which we finally managed to find. It was wonderful! The park was beautiful, the ranger was very nice and helpful and we had a wonderful time. We met lots of people, all of whom told me how beautiful I am. One woman even asked for contact information for the breeder! We also met a simply stunning rescue grayhound, he was brindled and very sweet. Mom went a little nuts with the camera again, so there are a lot of pictures. As you look at the pictures, I want you to pay careful attention to the lighting and the way that the sky changes.
Borderlands has a course set up for something called "Disc Golf." I thought it sounded like fun, but Mom didn't think the "golfers" would want a Golden Retriever stealing their frisbees.
This is a building called the Lodge. It is a large empty building. It was our starting point.
This is the view of Leach Pond from the Lodge.
Isn't it a pretty pond?
This is a front view of the Lodge.
These are some beautiful water lillies.
This is a side view of the Lodge.
I wonder what the Lodge is for?
This is a bench that looks out over Leach's Pond. There are a lot of benches on this side of the ponds.
I really wanted to go into the water, but no one is allowed to swim in these ponds. It doesn't matter how many legs you have. Mom and I argued a lot about this.
Really, wouldn't you just want to jump in here?
This is a big rock.
I wanted to climb it, but Mom said no. There was a small child there doing his best imitation of a howler monkey.
I'm still trying to get to the water.
Okay, okay, I'm coming!
Mom just really liked this view of the pond.
It does look like something out of a fairy tale, doesn't it?
These were some interesting mushrooms Mom found.
She wouldn't let me eat them.
I'm having a good time.
This was a pretty field.
This is an action shot of me in mid-sniff.
This is the dam separating Leach's Pond from Upper Leach's Pond.
The last family to own this land wanted two ponds where there was only one, so they dammed it up.
I don't know why people feel the need to do this, but it really is a pretty little structure.
This is a bridge separating the channel between the ponds. We didn't cross it.
This is Upper Leach's Pond.
These are some flowers on Upper Leach's Pond.
This is me being happy again.
I want to go in!
This is Queen Anne's Lace.
She must miss it very much, but I can't see why she'd want it. There are all sorts of bugs in it.
Can I go in the water now?
Here is the obligatory stone wall.
You might not see it easily in this picture, but there is a snake in the center-left part of the photo. It wouldn't hold still for Mom!
This is an old fence post.
It's warm out. Can I go in the shade?
Upper Leach's Pond again.
It is pretty, I guess.
This is a pretty flower Mom liked.
These are some orange lillies.
This sign marks where the Tisdale farmhouse once stood.... which is our half-way point.
This is a timeline of the use of this site. We had to walk on a road for a while before we could pick up the path on the other side of the pond.
This is the path back into the park.
Here I am, being a Meadow Doggie.
Here I am trotting and showing off.
This is a butterfly. It looks small and drab to the naked eye.
When the picture is larger, you can see that he's actually quite beautiful.
Mom has some kind of nostalgic associations with blackberries.
Last look at Upper Leach's Pond.
This is a hitching post. I don't know why. Mom says it has something to do with C'thulu.
This is a bridge separating Upper Leach's Pond from Pud's Pond.
I was so thirsty I emptied my Gulpy!
Pud's Pond.
This is our junk on some stairs.
We don't know why the stairs were there.
This is a dragonfly.
It's very pretty when you look up close.
Here is another fence post.
Come on, Mom, it's hot.
It's shady over here.
I will not go one step farther. I will rest here.
Look at the farm house!
It looks old and decrepit.
I bet there are zombies there.
Hey, those dark clouds weren't there a minute ago!
Pretty yellow lillies.
This is the dusty road we came in on.
I don't know what kind of fur this is, but there's a lot of it.
I'm telling you, there are zombies here. And what about those clouds?
This doesn't look good.
Mom, stop taking pictures of the zombie house before they come out!
Another butterfly.
He's upside-down!
Time to go!
This was the point where Mom stuffed the camera into her bag. She said, "No photo is worth getting my Yogi-dog electrocuted." And she was right. I fought it, because I was very tired by this point, but we started moving very quickly for the car. We made it just in the nick of time. Just after Mom turned the key in the ignition, the skies opened up and the temperature dropped from 86 to 63 degrees. There was thunder and there was lightning. I was scared! The roads were washed out and there were branches floating in them. Still, we made it home safe and sound. The storm literally blew in from out of nowhere, and then it went away again.

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