Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wilson Mountain Reservation, Dedham MA

Yesterday Mom and I went to the Wilson Mountain Reservation in Dedham, MA. It was fabulous! It's not a huge park, and there are only really two trails, but it was great to get out and see something new. Here are some pictures.
There are lots of pools of water at this park. This is the first one I jumped in.
Here I am batting at the water, just like Big Sister Minette taught me.
Hi, Mom!
Here is some debris. We don't know why.
Let's go this way, Mom!
And here is pool # 2.
I went splash!
This was a pretty mushroom.
It's very yellow.
Here is pool # 3.
Here is some string. We don't know why. I suspect zombies.
This is a cave.
It doesn't look like anyone is home, though.
Pool # 4.
What's this? The park was full of all sorts of new smells.
Really, I need to know what this is.
It's a frog!
This is a closer view of the frog.
And here he is even closer. Mom wouldn't let me eat him.
This part of the trail took us very close to the highway on-ramp, which was under construction or some such thing.
Pool # 5.
I wonder how he balances on that thing.
Come on, Mom, let's go!
It's a nice face.
What's up there?
Aw, Mom...
What's this?
This is a Thing. I didn't try to eat it.
It isn't very pretty.
Pathfinder Yogi!
That's someone's house!
There's a bridge for us to cross.
I was so good I didn't even jump into the muck once!
What's up with the bridges today?
Isn't this a pretty clearing? It wasn't on the trail, but I told Mom it was.
Come on, Mom!
Smiling Yogi.
This park is on the other side of the street. We didn't go.
We were here!

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