Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Duxbury Beach, sort of

Yesterday Mom and I went on an adventure trying to find Duxbury Beach. It was more of an adventure than we'd expected, as you'll find out.
We parked on the far side of the Powder Point Bridge, where there wasn't a need for a permit. Do you see this bridge? Do you? I hate bridges, and she actually made me walk the whole way across this one.
This is the view to the left of the bridge. It looks very threatening, but it didn't rain on us until much later. We met some very nice people who told us how pretty I am, which is the truth. The lady liked Mom's hair, too.
What the ****? What is a dog-walking permit? We had to turn around and go back across the scary bridge again. Mom says that in the fall there are plenty of other beaches that will let me play without any kind of "dog-walking permit."
We got in the car again and drove to Bay Cove Farm. There were a lot of birds and butterflies this time out.
This butterfly actually posed for Mom a bunch of times.
I like butterflies. I chase them but I never eat them.
I don't think we've seen this path before! What do you think those wood things are?
Pretty flowers.
Again with the berries. Mom says not to eat them.
They are a very pretty color, though, aren't they?
This is a bridge I can handle.
There is a bird toward the left center of this picture.
There were a lot of birds with this color scheme.
It didn't seem afraid of me.
It also posed for Mom for a while.
Another butterfly.
A different kind of butterfly!
Mom hadn't seen a black butterfly before.
It sure is pretty, though.
It's pollenating.
Are those waterfowl? Mom thought they might be.
Use of the zoom lens, which we did not post here, proved that they were not in fact waterfowl. They were little old ladies.
Stupid Duxbury Beach, and their stupid Dog Walking Permit!
The zombies had a picnic!
Ooo - the ocean! I wonder if my friend Beau was here!
Mom, let me off the leash. I want to go for a swim!
Drink! Mom says not to drink salt water.
I'm so cute.
Do you think those little old ladies might be drowning?
I rolled in the shore!
Back in!
Are you sure they're not drowning?
I bat at the water like Minette the Cat!
Now I sniff the sand.

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