Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Other Side

Yesterday Mom and I went back to the Chickatawbut Overlook, but we did something new and different. We went down the trail on the other side of the road, down under the overlook itself. This was very exciting! We'd been talking about doing this for a long time and it was close by, so we just went ahead and did it. Incidentally, Mom says we got a hint about all those signs relating to "open and gross lewdness" in the park. There were a lot of gentlemen there, too well dressed for hiking.

We wanted to go to visit the Civilian Concervation Corps memorial, whis is on this route sort of. We were thwarted in our mission, as you'll see, but we still had a very good time.
I don't know what Mom's obsession with raspberries is!
Here I am sniffing at a log.
It smells good!
I needed another whiff.
Come on, Mom! Time's a-wastin'!
This is the first trail marker pointing us on our way. We now stepped onto the Headquarters Path, from what was apparently the Cedar Rock Path.
The sign says "CCC Camp." We're going the right way!
This is a very pretty feather.
I wonder what kind of bird it is?
This is the path.
This is a pretty flower.
See? Pretty. And very floral. But very tiny.
Here is another feather from that same kind of bird.
I really wish we knew what it was! You can see the stripe really well here.
I found something to roll in! It wasn't radioactive poo, but it was certainly something.
I don't know what it was.
But I liked to roll in it - see my little smile?
I rolled and rolled.
Then I sniffed it again.
This sign puts us onto the Sassaman Path.
This sign tells us we're going the right way.
This is one of many obstacles on the Sassaman Notch Path. There is poison ivy all around it.
Are you sure we should hurdle the obstacle?
Here I am examining a tree root.
There's something green here!
Mom just liked this picture of my face.
This is a mushroom log.
The mushrooms are very pretty!
Mom said not to eat them.
This is a random bunker. We don't know why it's here.
It's even dirtier than Mom's sewing room!
This is why we couldn't go to the CCC memorial. Believe it or not, this is the path. Do you see anything resembling a path here?
Here are more of those little flowers, and a lot of poison ivy.
Mom has never reacted to poison ivy before, but she doesn't want to chance it now!
This sign tells us where to go.
This is a pond!
More like a puddle, really.
It was really hot, so I wanted to drink up.
Drink drink drink.
This is the pond on the other side of the trail.
Here is another helpful sign. We are now getting onto the Sawcut Notch Path, which you may recall from Monday.
This was an interesting mushroom.
Mom wouldn't let me eat this one either.
This is another sign telling us we're going the right way.
Now we're getting onto the Pipe Line.
See? Pipe Line.
Hence the catchy name.
What's that over there?
It's water!
And what's up there?
They look the same!
I wanted to go on the trail to the right here, but Mom made us go left.
I was pretty insistent.
We're getting on the wrong path here! As it turned out, I was right, but Mom wouldn't say so.
This is the Boston skyline.
Here it is with the zoom lens. So hazy!

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