Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Luddam's Ford Pond

Yesterday Mom and I went someplace new: Luddam's Ford Park, which is part of the Indian Head River Reservation in the Town of Hanover. The Town preserves this area as open space, and I for one am grateful. Mom made up for only two weekend pictures by going a little wild with the camera!
Here I am when we first arrived. This is when I met two other dogs. One was a yellow Lab, and very sweet and playful. The other was an older black Lab, neighbor to the yellow, and not very friendly. We played for a while, then I got to go for my proper walk.
This is a sign with the backstory for this site. It used to have some industrial uses and is named for some guy who carried a governor on his back. Sounds like a horse to me!
We are here.
This is a hole in the ground, and Mom's shadow. She wouldn't have included it if it didn't look like all those holes by the Middle School in North Syracuse!
Here I am on the path, seeing what I can see.
And what I can see is a little brook. I drank from the brook.
There was a bridge over the brook, in case you were wondering.
This is the root system for what apparently used to be a tree.
Mom wanted to take some pictures of the root system, but I wanted to ham it up first. Here I am hamming it up.
You know, this root system is really one giant stick.
If I can just get the angle right, I bet I could bring it with me!
The trail runs adjacent to a lot of homes. One of these homes apparently composts.
This is a plank. I don't know why, but I sure wasn't going to walk the plank!
Apparently this section of river is the local swiming hole. Too bad the rope didn't come out that well.
Still, this section is very still and very pretty.
I jumped in, as you knew I would.
I know I saw that evil froggie!
It followed me here!
This was kind of striking. There were trees growing right out of a rock wall.
It almost looks like one of those cross-section diagrams you see in textbooks.
Isn't this just beautiful?
I jumped in again.
The site was kind of weird. It spat us out onto a street for a while. This sign tells us that there was once a railroad here.
This is where the trail spat us out. This house was built in 1727, which is before I was born. Not before Mom was born, though!
This sign shows us that we can go back into the woods again.
This has to be a sign of zombie activity. I can't think of any other reason for it to exist.
This is a very pretty mushroom.
I did not eat it.
Here I am, smiling.
It's that evil froggie again!
I'm coming, Mom!
Aren't I a good boy?
Maybe there are some horses around here?
There is some kind off water bird.
Mom forgot to bring the zoom lens, so this is as close as you're getting right now.
I, on the other paw, shall swim.
I am the Demon Drooler From the Sewer - just like in that Billy and the Boingers song!
I splashed Mom when I shook off.
Then I went right back into the water.
Maybe I'll come out.
We can move on now. There will be other areas to enter the water from!
I told you so!
And here I am from the other side!
Tell me you didn't see this coming.
Maybe I'll come out again.
Or not.
I really wanted to stay in the water.
I'm learning to swim!
Here I am doing my best alligator impression.
This is the same bridge we crossed over earlier, but from the other side.
Maybe I'll dry off a bit.
Okay, okay, we can get going.
Is this another sign of zombie action?
This is the herring run.
I don't know why it's called a herring run. It's not like herring have feet.
It does look interesting though, doesn't it?
Unfortunately, you can't keep the herring from here. They call it "harvesting."
Is that because they run away? Get it?
This is the Indian Head River.
This is me getting tangled up in my leash. That is a fun game!
This is the remains of some sort of structure; we can't tell what it was anymore.
Here the river flows out of the park toward the ocean.
This is the river. I don't see any herring.
There is an old beer can, though.
We can harvest it.
Goodbye, River!
After this, we went home and Mom and I played in our lake at home. It was a very good day!

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