Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A new loop at St Moritz

Yesterday Mom and I went to the St. Mortiz section of the Blue Hills. It was great, and it was especially interesting in that Mom let us cross the big scary street! We took the Green and Blue path up to the Sawcut Notch Path, then we took the Old Furnace Brook path to the Green Dot trail and back to where we started. I don't know why the Old Furnace Brook path is called that - we saw no brook, and we saw no furnace. Two-legs - go fig. Anyway, here are some pictures Mom took.
These are some water lillies.
Mom really got into them for some reason.
She wouldn't let me jump in until she'd taken all the pictures she wanted.
I guess they're pretty and all.
Still, it's much more fun to jump in and make a mess, which is exactly what I did after this picture was taken. Don't worry; I didn't hurt any of them.
This is another kind of flower.
It's very pretty.
And here is a dragonfly that struck Mom.
This is St. Moritz pond - one of them anyway. I tried to sneak into the culvert linking the two, but Mom caught me.
This is a red leaf on a tree.
Mom doesn't know why its leaves should be red - it's still early July.
Here I am coming out of the pond.
I shook off some of the muck, but not all!
This branch is just hanging there - dangling, with no means of support.
This is a pretty mushroom.
Mom won't let me eat the pretty mushrooms.
This is a brown-eyed Susan.
Mom likes them.
They look like inverse daisies.
Here I am rooting around for something.
This is the Halloween Tree.
It's kind of a scary tree, so I had to check and make sure no zombies were nearby.
All clear!
I don't know why the Halloween Tree is there.
I thought it was scary. Mom thought it was cool.
Here I am exploring.
Here I am turning around to convince Mom to hurry up.
Maybe if I poke at whatever this is with my paw it will do something.
I'm hiding behind a tree. You can't see me!
Here I am trotting away.
This mushroom looks like a platter.
This tree had a large growth.
Mom couldn't understand the growth.
This is a bird.
These are some lotus-looking flowers.

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