Monday, July 14, 2008

My first camping event!

This past weekend Mom and Dad took me camping with them. It wasn't exactly roughing it. We went to an SCA event up in Maine. I had never been to Maine. I had a lot of fun! I met all sorts of people, I got to lie in the tent, I met some nice new doggie friends, and best of all I got to hang out with Mom and Dad. I had to stay on my leash the whole time, but that was okay. Mom didn't get many pictures, but I'll share with you the ones she did get.
When we first got there, Mom took me for a walk so that Dad could set up the tent without my help. This kind of irritated me, because I'm a very helpful hound, but we enjoyed the walk. We met my friend Spence, who is a poodle mix, and we met a lot of bugs. Eventually, we found this graveyard on the site. Mom wouldn't let me go in, but we went back later with more people so she could go in while someone else held me.
She thinks it's an old family graveyard. The earliest burial she thinks she saw was 1816 and the last was 1953, with no proper stone just a temporary marker. There is absolutely nothing else nearby, not even the foundation of a house. You can see me barely, off near the "gate." Which is really just a hole in the fence. I'm just saying.
Mom won't let me go into graveyards. People get upset when they see dogs in cemetaries. They think I'll steal a bone from their grandpa. They're probably right. If this was truly an abandoned cemetary she would be less scrupulous, but even though it's remote and not used anymore someone still cares about this place. See? Someone left a flag for Memorial Day.
These are some people near the old stone wall.
If these two kids had lived, they'd have been about a year apart. They really had a lot of them, didn't they?
Hole in the wall.
He married her for her cooking. Really.
Mom took a picture of this epitaph. She says that the rain is wearing away the words and eventually they'll be gone... except now we have this picture.
This is me in the tent. I loved being in the tent! I got to lie on the grass and not get hot.
This is me playing with Sir Nikki.
Sir Nikki loves me. And I love her. I love everyone!

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